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Stress Relief with Acupuncture

by Dr. Elizabeth Langer

Everyone has stress. Having stress is normal, but too much can be harmful to your health. In our culture, we often disconnect the mind and the body, but because traditional Chinese medicine does not separate the psychological from the physiological, acupuncture benefits people dealing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Too much stress can cause muscle tension and pain, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, fatigue, headache, allergies, and problems with digestion.  Too much stress can reduce our immune system and predispose us to getting sick.

When we experience intense emotions, we get stuck in a cycle. Acupuncture helps to break the cycle, making stress more manageable. It allows difficult emotions to surface, releases endorphins, and calm frazzled nerves. We are then able to take step back and examine the stress factors in our lives. When we understand the factors causing our stress, the real healing can begin.

Because everyone handles stress differently, there is no accurate prediction as to how many treatments are needed. Some may find their problems resolved in three to four treatments, while others may find relief in a long-term plan. Stress due to a specific event, such as the loss of a loved one, is different than the stress response due to chronic anxiety; the two should not be treated the same.

If you are suffering from a serious emotional condition, it is highly recommended that you receive treatment from a licensed therapist along with acupuncture. Because acupuncture uses no drugs, it works with any treatment plan and will not interfere with any prescribed therapy. Acupuncture may ease some of the symptoms associated with stress, making counseling and psychotherapy that much more effective.